Where to buy Custom cell phone boxes

Where to Buy Custom Cell Phone Boxes

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Cell phones have become a rising trend and so it’s packaging. The manufacturers have started working on minute details of cell phone boxes to achieve excellence. It tends to be more simplified. The packaging in the past years used to take a lot of space, leaving many unused parts. But today’s packaging design has become more compact, saving a lot of space and material. Inserts are used for phone accessories to make them more presentable. Brands have actually worked on what customers prefer. Previously, the cell phone packaging box was full of information. This does not present a good view. Now, the boxes just contain the company’s logo, model and necessary features of the product. Other detailed information is given through manual inside the box. Thus the packaging tends to be simple but attractive. If you are thinking to start a cell phone business, you have definitely thought of its packaging. There are a number of sources from where you can purchase custom packaging for your cell phone brand.

Below are some of the options:

  • Alibaba

Alibaba.com is one of the world’s largest wholesale manufacturers which provide you with anything that comes to your mind. It offers 99,185 custom cell phone box products. Among them, the majority are packaging boxes. You can easily order the packaging which suits your requirements. Alibaba is one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions. It provides the phone packaging at ex-factory price. Various styles and designs of cell phone cardboard boxes are offered to the customers. The material used for cell phone boxes are paperboard, Kraft paper or corrugated board. Alibaba is a certified supplier. You can easily rely on it for your custom cell phone boxes. It delivers the product with safety and care.


  • Deluxe Boxes or Other Custom Box Providers

Durable and eye-catching phone packaging not only attracts the customers but also help business owners in promoting their brand. Deluxe Boxes is one of the custom box manufacturers which provide a number of packaging products to meet your requirement. It offers custom printing services. It has a broad section of cell phone packaging in its catalog. You can select from any of the likable options and print them according to your specifications. The size, shape, and color of the box depend on the customer’s choice. The cell phone packaging box is designed from high-quality material which protects the phone and its accessories. Custom inserts are offered to make your packaging more presentable. Such packaging also facilitates the resell of mobiles or can be used as cell phone gift box. The company has a quick turnaround time with no shipping charges across the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The biggest advantage of ordering from Deluxe Boxes is that it has no minimum order quantity. It is well-suited for even small-scale businesses and for individual use.


  • PakThat

PakThat was established in 1999 by Cellpak Solution. It was formerly named as MobilePhoneBoxes.com. It is UK’s leading tailored packaging manufacturer for mobile phones and other devices like laptops and Tablets etc. Their packaging has also extended to personal electronic devices on the demand of the customers. It offers a wide range of packaging boxes with diversified designs. They have specialized in cell phone packaging. They have a good commercial position by serving the mobile industry for decades. They provide protective cell phone cardboard boxes to provide a great experience to the customers. The mobile accessories are also packed with glass protective films to keep them away from scratches and damage. Either the boxes are printed or attractive labels are attached to them to give them an inspiring view.


  • Global Sources

Global Sources is a large cell phone box manufacturer and supplier. It is a well-reputed organization which has been operating for years. It does not provide packaging for other products. It has specialized in manufacturing cell phone boxes. They provide high-tech printing with special finishes and other add-on effects. The packaging is very attractive and can be used as cell phone gift box. The reason for its success is the innovation it introduces in its packaging design. It has resulted in an increased growth potential of the individual. It can provide you with the best deals about cell phone packaging to make your brand stand out. Special discounts and promotions are also given on paper packaging.

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