Wedding Photography Trends To Look Out For In 2019

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The event photography business has gone through a complete revolution with the inculcation of expert camera work and cutting-edge technology.

Most experts of this business are utilizing a whole lot of situations and flavors to significant effects in their photography. Some of these ideas are innovative, and some are just made to give all our traditional techniques a unique contemporary touch to remold them in a brand new look.

Anyway, let’s take a quick peek at a few of the hottest wedding photography trends to look out for in the upcoming year, 2019.

  1. Proposal photography

Most savvy couples, today, want to capture all the special moments of their wedding proposals alive on their camera. Some even opt for professional pre-wedding photography to capture those special moments in their albums.

And who can blame them? After all, the proposal is as important as the wedding itself.

Note: The current trend of wedding proposal photography is on the rise, and we can predict that this is going to increase significantly in the upcoming year. So, if you are professional event photographer, consider including this option in your brochure. You will benefit a lot in the long run.

  1. Stop-motion wedding photography

Stop-motion wedding photography consists of the animation of still photos in an high-definition video with an audio of your choice.

  1. The incessant use of the Instagram hashtag

Instagram makes it possible for you to take your photographs online and let the entire world know about them, and that too in a matter of minutes.

Along with that, its unique hashtag feature enables users to streamline photographs in a single category, thereby doubling the level of fun in the party.

Instagram photograph sharing and the relevant use of its hashtag have become quite a trend now. This is just going to improve more in 2019; something that is not even a possibility, but a guarantee.

  1. Social-media integrated photo booths

Photo booths were already in use since ages. But now they have become more advanced with the inculcation of hi-tech gadgets, software, and a bit more imagination.

Today, you will find many social-media integrated photo booths available at an attractive price giving you the option to upload your photographs on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram right from the convenience of the booth itself.

  1. The use of drones

Aerial photography was previously considered an avant-garde mode of photography reserved for the riches and the influentials. But today, with the inculcation of drones, this has become as easy (and inexpensive) as a piece of cake.

This growing trend of drone photography will see more limelight in 2019. So don’t just wait and watch. Include the same in your brochure to increase your business exposure and revenue at one, and the same time.

  1. Backlit photography

Backlit photography helps in the creation of uber-romantic effects in photographs. Here’s a sample for your reference.

This form of photography has become the new trend in weddings and will perhaps market more in the upcoming seasons.

  1. After-wedding photoshoots

This is usually done after the day of the wedding to capture the entire romantic drama between the couples in the sunset or during the sunrise.

After-wedding photoshoots are an excellent idea in positions where you plan to take shots at a different location to that of the wedding venue (almost a lifesaver in situations when lighting becomes an issue!). So do not leave this out of your wedding brochure, especially when the potentials look so promising on the horizon.

  1. Bridal photoshoots

Brides are giving formal portrait sessions on the wedding day to take photographs of themselves clad in their respective wedding dresses.

This has become a popular wedding trend and is definitely one to watch out for in 2019.

A final word…

Going in line with the current trends of the market is the only way of surviving in this competitive world. Most event management companies are gearing themselves up for these changes.

The only question that remains here is: “are you really up for it?” You better be.

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