Top destinations in Dehradun to include in your vacation itinerary

Top destinations in Dehradun to include in your vacation itinerary

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Dehradun is one of the greenest cities in India. It is the capital of the newly formed state, Uttarakhand. Situated at the base of the Himalayan Ranges, Dehradun is the epitome of tourist destinations. In fact, this city is considered as the base point from where many different tourist spots are reached. The city is blessed by the two most important rivers of North India, Ganges and Yamuna. Dehradun will amaze you with a beautiful weather and a cool environment to enjoy the bliss. Being an important part of the princely Garhwali customs and the gateway to the heavenly hill stations, it is the ideal to find the best hotels in Dehradun.

Dehradun has been the most visited tourist location in India offering everything that a tourist would like to have. From trekking in Himalayan region to walking through the pine trees, you will go mesmerized by the natural beauty this region offers. Every destination here speaks the magic which it holds. So to enjoy the best moment, you should stay here for long, and to stay for long make sure you book the right hotel.  So it is advised to find the best hotels in Dehradun which are under budget and offer great stay experience.

 Places to visit in and around Dehradun

  • Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls

What can be better than a 50-m high waterfall situated amidst dense flora? The Tiger Falls situated at a height of 1400 meters meandering its way through the forests on the hillsides. The foothills of the world’s highest mountain ranges are extremely green and dense. The splendid flow of cascading water in this destination will surely give you the absolute feel of nature. The water then converges and accumulates in a natural reservoir that looks blissful from the top height. The OYO rooms Dehradun, which are closer to this destination, will be ideal to choose.

  • Robber’s Cave

Robber’s Cave

This is rather a stand-out destination from the mainstream choices. This is a 600-m long cave made by the river erosion for millions of years. The dreaded paths in this cave will lead you to an underground water body surrounded by eroded rock formations. The stream eventually disappears from the common eye. This cave is also known as Gucchu Pani in the local terminology. It is known as Robber’s Cave as it was used by the robbers to hide from the British Rule.

  • Mindrolling Monastery

This is a typical destination where you will find Tibetan culture and a beautiful monastery situated right in the middle of nowhere. The area is devoid of green foliage which means you will find miles of rolling hills naked and basking under the sun. This is also one of the biggest Buddhist learning institutions in India. The stupa is 60 meters in height surrounded by excellently maintained gardens full of exotic trees. Inside you will find a 35-meters statue of Lord Buddha made of solid gold.

  • Forest Research Institute

Forest Research Institute

Known for its brilliance and exemplary human resource, the Forest Research Institute is the place where you will find architecture and manicured gardens in the best form. The institute dates back 1906 and was constructed by the British for Imperial Forestry Service. It has six different segments to visit. This building has many stories to tell. It has also been featured in many Bollywood movies. You will find cheap hotels in Dehradun near this destination.

  • Tapovan

As per the famous Hindu epic Mahabharata, Dronacharya performed the rituals and showed his penance here. It is situated on the Ganges banks and is considered as a major pilgrim site for the Hindu devotees. This destination is adorned with waving meadows and also offers beautiful trails for the trekkers. You will also find budget hotels in Dehradun near this tourist spot.

  • Malsi Deer Park

This deer park is contemporarily renamed as Dehradun Zoo. The caged animals live in captivity in the zoo of area 25 hectares. This zoo falls in the route to Mussoorie.

Why choose Dehradun?

If you want to enjoy the bliss of Himalayan foothills during the winter season then this is the destination you should choose. The hotels in Dehradun near railway station will give the best accommodations. Plan the itinerary with your friends or family and set your journey to this place.  Planning in advance will help you to find budget hotels in Advance without any issue. If you are planning to visit Dehradun between November and January, then check OYO rooms to enjoy discounts. There “Let the Travel begin with OYO” theme lets you to get discount on booking. Get 50% off + Rs 250 PayTM Cashback. The offer is valid from 15 Nov, 2018 to 15 Jan, 2019.

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