The shy mark of love and how to hide it?

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Hickey is naturally a kind of bruise. But it has more than one meaning about hickey. It is also a sign of love, when two people are in love, they might have some unconscious behaviors, including biting their lovers and leave hickeys. Sometimes, the hickeys are located in several exposed areas, mostly neck and it is so obvious for the opposite to see it. Hickey is not a shame but is not what you desire, either. Striking around, love bite or even violent abuse both results in hickeys, but you can’t strike your neck and squeeze the neck so the love hickey is the main reason for bruising around neck. Each hickey sign may last for 10- 12 days without any treatments, depends on your physical condition and how severe the bruise is. And what do you need to get rid of hickeys rapidly? We’ll show you now.

  1. Hot and cold therapy

Cold compress minimize the blood leaking out from vessels and reduce the bruise. The main reason for hickey is over sucking on the skin and makes the subcutaneous vessels break, blood comes out to create a bruise. But remember not to put ice directly on the skin, this will damage the outer barriers and cause ice burn- more severe than hot burn. Ice pack is a good choice. Or you can put a spoon or any metallic flat surface in the fridge for 10 minutes. Enfold the spoon in cloth and put it on the affected area until it is no longer cold. Apply it several times a day for better result.

Hot apply allows vessels to flow more fluently and break the blood clots- actually bruise and remove the mark more quickly. But like the cold compress, don’t let your skin be damaged by heat- both cold and hot can create burn. Soak the clean towel in hot water then apply it on the hickey to heat the blood circulation.

Another way for hot therapy is massage. Massage also improve the circulation under affected skin and break the blots more effectively than regular hot compress. And we recommend you to use essential oils for the best result. Massage the hickey area with 2 fingers applied on hickey area and gently scrub on neck with some oil drops. After 2 or 3 minute massage, change the position and direction. You may be surprised

  1. Peppermint

Peppermint also makes heat compress on your skin which helps promote circulation a lot. Moreover, using peppermint can aid the healing process of capillary vessels. After adding the peppermint oil on the bruise, you might have feelings that are being stung, but it’s ok, the feeling will fade away in a few minutes. The peppermint is recommended to use right after hickey sign appearance and do not apply it more than once a day, it can make your skin irritated.


  1. Aloe vera

Its anti- inflammatory and soothing properties reduce the skin sensitivity and motivate the healing process of vessels under skin- the vessels are broken under pressure while sucking. It also speeds up the blood flows and makes skin back to normal much faster. If you are not allergic to aloe vera properties, apply therapy once or twice a day. Or in case you have no aloe vera left, the cream and lotion products based on aloe vera are used instead.

  1. The solution from vitamin K

As you know, blood coming out from vessels constructs bruise. The interference is necessary at that time to prevent the spread of bruise. Skin cream or lotion containing vitamin K is solution for you as vitamin K play roles in blood clot formation. The properties of vitamin K also help break clots and take them back to our circulation pathways. Just apply vitamin K rich cream on the hickey twice a day until you see no increase in the size of bruise, then use other therapy to promote the blood clot breaking up process. Eating more products containing vitamin K is also good for you, such as broccoli, soy bean or spinach.

Another way is much cheaper and easier suggested for you is banana peels. Eating banana provides you amount of vitamin K but banana peels has 4 times vitamin K compared with the inside part. However, you can’t eat the peel so put it on the bruise let vitamin K moving through skin and have effect on hickey efficiently. You might not believe, but it’s true.

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