The Best Essential Hair Oil Recommended By The Man Company

The Best Essential Hair Oil Recommended By The Man Company

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When we talk about hair treatment and hair health-related treatments, hair oil massage therapy is among the oldest and well-known method to achieve healthy shiny soft and problem free hair. The hair growth oil or dandruff-free hair oil can be different with different results.

Now when it comes to hair oil therapy for hair growth and prevention of hair loss, most of our understandings are limited to the popular carrier oils. Have no doubt carrier oils like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc. have their own nutrition and therapeutic value for skin and hair. But including Essential oils can give you some astonishing result.

What is Essential oil?

Oil that is extracted from any any source through the processor of distillation is an essential oil. In other words, the essential oils are an extremely refined product that has the real goodness of the source it is extracted from.

As essential oils are very high in concentration, they are mostly combined with a carrier oil. Essential oil car not for oral consumption but they are always used tropically e for any kind of treatment.

Some of the beneficial Essential oil mentioned below:

 Peppermint oil : Some studies have shown that the Menthol in peppermint oil helps dilate the blood vessels under the skin which promote more blood flow. Extra blood flow can carry out more Oxygen and nutrients which is very helpful for hair growth.

Studies have shown that tropical use of peppermint oil increases hair growth. The result is sometimes better than many other Essential oils much even better than minoxidil which is the common allopathic treatment for hair loss and hair growth.

Lemongrass oil : Scalp infections and dandruff are one of the major reasons for hair fall. Lemongrass oil loaded with antifungal and antibacterial properties. This is one of the best Essential oil that we can use to fight with skin and scalp infection and dandruff. lemongrass oil is very effective and useful.

Use of 2 to 3 drops of lemongrass oil in your regular conditioner or any natural carrier oil like coconut oil or avocado oil can keep your scalp dandruff free and healthy.

Rosemary oil : Rosemary oil has been used not only to fight with hair loss and hair thinning but also to prevent grey hairs. Rosemary oil promotes melanin production which is a natural black pigment present in hair.  So using Rosemary oil close down the grey hair problem. Also, Rosemary oil is very soothing and moisturizing so it keeps the hair free from dryness.

Tea tree oil : one of the famous Essential oil to fight again Bacteria is tea tree oil.  That is why it is heavily used in skin care products for acne.  Tea tree oil is full of antioxidant. Recent studies have shown that a mixture of tea tree oil and minoxidil Has produced faster result Faster and better result than minoxidil alone.

Cedarwood oil : Cedarwood oil is also very effective fighting hair fall. Uses of cedarwood oil have been witnessed in ancient Egypt also got their skin and Beauty treatments. This oil has Dronedarone, Alpha-Pinene, Cedrol, and natural preservative which makes it so effective writing the hair fall and helps in hair regrowth.

Precautions of using Essential oil

Remember that essential oils are the very high concentrations of oil from medicinal plants and herbs. So it should never be used directly on hair skin.  Every Essential oil needs to be diluted with some of the other compatible carrier oil which will enhance their application. If you ever face any discomfort or invitation and allergy after using any of the Essential oil you should wash it off with soap and water immediately.

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