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6 Romantic Balloon Decorations to Celebrate Anniversary

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Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Baby Shower or Wedding, no function complete without balloons. Balloons may either be used as decorations or as a part of the gift. Balloons make the decor for any party. They have to be creatively arranged and nowadays they are even available in so many shapes and sizes. There are Mylar balloons and latex balloons which are glittered and also they have messages printed on it. There are also inflated balloons in shapes of birthday cakes, engagement ring and other objects.

We below have some romantic balloon decoration ideas to celebrate and surprise your partner on anniversary.

Balloon Surprise

You can plan balloon surprise with the help of balloons. You can hang the helium balloons over the ceiling and tie ribbons on the end of the balloons; you can stick photos or little boxes of gifts at the end of string. You can also fill balloons in a box and also dump gifts inside the box. Make sure they should be helium balloons so when the box is opened the balloons rises up in air and the recipient gets the gifts inside the box. You can also surprise the birthday girl/boy welcoming him with the balloons and confetti while he enters the room. You can also send birthday balloons to your friend staying miles away from you on their birthday.

Cupid Balloon Decor

If you are throwing a surprise party for your beloved you can decorate the whole room with red heart shaped balloons. Also you can get customized inflatable cupid balloons and hang them at equal distances in the room. You can also use candles, flowers and red balloons for the decoration. The rose petals can also be laid on the floor. Red fairy lights should be used to light up the decorated room. This would be a perfect decor for proposing your girlfriend or spending milestone anniversary with your beloved. This decoration will swoon your partner.

Romantic Room Decoration

You can inflate number of red heart shaped balloons and decorate the whole room keeping the theme red. You can use helium balloons and hang them towards the ceiling and tie twirl strings on the balloons to increase the attractiveness of the decor. You can use red bed sheet also red satin curtains on the windows. You should order a red velvet cake and a bottle of wine. Your beloved will be blown away with this romantic room decoration. You can take the help of alphabets inflated balloons and paste them on wall with messages like I love and Forever Mine. You can also use the flower petals and lay it on the bed for the perfect anniversary night.

Floor Full of Balloons

You should buy balloons according to the size of the room. You can buy balloons online at a discounted price and in a large variety. You could take minimum of 200 balloons. The figure seems too much but when inflated they won’t look a lot. The floor of the whole room should be covered with balloons and it should feel like one is walking on clouds. This would look so pretty and beautiful. The photographs will also come very good. This should be kept as a surprise for your better half. You can also make a balloon bouquet delivery at your beloved’s place and surprise them with it. This arrangement of balloons is best for a movie night and fun date. You can arrange drinks and snacks in this date.

Teddy Bear Shaped Inflated Balloons

Whether you guys are together for a long time or not, it is mandatory to celebrate your anniversary with pomp. You can decorate the room while your wife is sleeping. You can get a teddy bear shaped inflated balloon online and place it at every corner of the room. Along with these teddy bear shaped balloons you can also decorate the room with some red balloons to make it more romantic. Arrange her gifts and also a bouquet of flower. It would be like a dream when she will wake up to this arrangement of the room and be in tears of joy.

Balloon Backdrop and Photo Props

This will be one of the best arrangements whether the anniversary party is indoor or outdoor. You can make the balloons float at different heights tied with the strings. If you want to be more cost effective you should use non helium balloons and tape the balloons on the wall creating a backdrop. The balloons can be of various sizes, shapes and colours. Balloons can also be used as a prop and you can click different pictures using it as a prop. You can think of various poses you can click holding a balloon. At the end of the function you can gather all the guests for a balloon release and capture those moments of balloons sailing together in the skies.

We hope these ideas have inspired you of using balloons in an anniversary party. There numerous more ways of incorporating balloons in a party. One tip you need to remember is just keep it classy.

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